swimCAMP Add-Ons

We are happy that you are participating in the swimCAMP. Your selection has been added to the shopping cart. If you like you can book more options.

Shuttle service

35 Euro / route

For an extra charge of 35 Euro per way we can organize a shuttle from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport. The price includes one piece of luggage per person. If you are taking bicycles or other pieces of luggage with you, please inquire in advance about the conditions; Additional fees may apply.


Private Coaching

95 Euro / per unit

Take advantage of the ideal conditions at camp and benefit from a single lesson of swimCOACHING with one of our qualified and experienced coaches.

Duration: about 60 minutes.
Appointment by arrangement

Running Pack

99 Euro / per person

Five sessions of 45 minutes of guided running training during the swimCAMPS.

  1. A strong hull – the basis for running
  • Joint GA-1 run in small groups
  • Runner-specific stabilization and strengthening exercises for legs and torso
  1. The individual right running technique
  • Focus: Upper body posture and the interplay of arm and leg movement
  • Hill runs with focus on the stride length
  1. The individual correct running technique/ strengthening of the foot muscles
  • Focus: foot attachment, footprint
  • Barefoot training, excerpts from natural running
  • Increase runs without shoes
  1. New stimuli in everyday training – pace training
  • Driving game and short sprints
  1. Regeneration after hard loads, cool-down runner-specific
  • Useful stretching and fascia roller exercises to avoid runner-specific injuries