swim kids PT

Personal Training for children

We offer individual and group training for children (max. 2 participants) in our children’s pools. This is where you can improve your skills under professional guidance, earn the requirements for a badge, or catch up on missed units from a current or completed course.

Albertinen Haus

Sellhopsweg 18-22
22459 Hamburg


Duration: 45 Minutes
Individual training: 109 Euro
Group of 2: 139 Euro

All prices incl. 19% VAT.


The usage fee of the sports pool in the respective training center is already included in the price. There are no additional costs for admission. Parking is within walking distance in the surrounding streets or directly on the premises (if applicable for a fee). The choice of coach does not guarantee 100% that the desired coach will train you on the desired date. Although we always strive to comply with your request, changes may occur in rare cases. If you only want to train with a specific coach, please contact us in advance.

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