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Bronze preparation course

Technique and preparation for bronze
For children with the Seepferdchen badge, it continues in the bronze preparation course. This is about improving backstroke and free swimming.

Among other things, we pay special attention to the technique of the pectoral legs. In addition, we continue to work on safe water position in the backstroke. In addition to the technique exercises of the different swimming styles, diving and conditioning exercises will ensure that you develop a sense of safety in the water.

The goal is to be able to swim 100 meters without resting on your back.

Note: If you meet the requirements for the bronze badge, you will receive the swimKIDS Bronze certificate from us at the end of the course. You will then also be able to do the official DLRG badge, which we are not allowed to do in our small pool due to current regulations.

  • Max. Group size

    8 children

  • Unit duration

    approx. 45 Minutes

  • Quantity units

    14 Units

  • Participation fee per child


  • Location

    Albertinen-Haus, Sellhopsweg 18-22, 22459 Hamburg, Germany

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