Triathlon Pack


The triathlon package includes up to …

five units of guided bike training
five units of guided running training

… during swimCAMP.*

*With the triathlon pack you have the possibility to participate in 10 more training units during swimCAMPS. You can customize the number of units.


Info will follow.


  1. A strong hull – the basis for running
  • Joint GA-1 run in small groups
  • Runner-specific stabilization and strengthening exercises for legs and torso
  1. The individual right running technique
  • Focus: Upper body posture and the interplay of arm and leg movement
  • Hill runs with focus on the stride length
  1. The individual correct running technique/ strengthening of the foot muscles
  • Focus: foot attachment, footprint
  • Barefoot training, excerpts from natural running
  • Increase runs without shoes
  1. New stimuli in everyday training – pace training
  • Driving game and short sprints
  1. Regeneration after hard loads, cool-down runner-specific
  • Useful stretching and fascia roller exercises to avoid runner-specific injuries

The indicated price is per person.


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